Trump: ‘We have prevailed.’ Majority of Americans: ‘We’re staying in the house’

While Trump says “I think you should absolutely open the schools,” 69% of Americans with kids say they are not ready to send them back to school, although 48% of Republicans are okay with that. Less than half of respondents are ready to get go back to church (46%) or eat in a restaurant (44%). Unless they’re Republican: 73% are ready for church, 64% ready to share germs eating out. The only thing a majority of Democrats say they are willing to do right now, at 76%, is go to work. That’s probably a reflection of the dire economy—everybody feels the need to be at work.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents, 72%, to this poll say that they are more concerned with moving too quickly than moving too slowly to reopen. That’s 92% of Democrats, 72% of independents, and even 53% of Republicans. As the virus moves swiftly through Trump counties, that number could change. Could.

The pull of the Death Cult is proving terrifyingly strong, as we’ve seen repeatedly throughout this crisis. Here’s the latest from Civiqs polling on Republican concern about the danger.