Live: President Biden addresses the nation on the evacuations from Afghanistan

After a 45 minute delay, President Joe Biden spoke to the situation in Afghanistan, explaining that the United States has already extracted 14,000 from Kabul airport over the last week. He acknowledged a delay of some hours on Friday as the U.S. worked with allies to locate new areas to stage evacuees that include U.S. citizens, citizens of other allied nations, Afghans who worked with the U.S. military over the last two decade, Afghans who were at some stage of applying for a U.S. visa, and Afghans who are simply trying to escape being ruled by the Taliban.

During the brief address, Biden assured American citizens still in Afghanistan that the U.S. would take any necessary action to get them home. In questioning, Biden later extended this promise to cover Afghans who have worked with the U.S.  Biden stated that the U.S. was in contact with Taliban officials both in Kabul and in Doha, and that they were unaware of any U.S. citizen being unable to reach the airport because they were stopped by the Taliban.

Reporters repeatedly challenged Biden over failures to predict the speed at which the previous Afghanistan government and military forces collapsed, and for not beginning evacuations sooner. A number of reporters also challenged Biden over scenes of apparent chaos in Kabul or along the road to the airport, but while Biden reiterated that the U.S. would take necessary actions to extract U.S. citizens, he stopped well short of saying there would be any military action to extend the current perimeter around the military section of the Kabul airport.