If all politics are local, these newspapers headlines across the country are a big win for Democrats

New Mexico!








Arizona! C’mon Arizona, what the hell?!?!?!?!


I’m excited to see Arizona Daily Star’s coverage of daily costs of war and the hourly costs of medical bills due to COVID-19 illness and death, and the minute by minute breakdown of projected mental health costs over the next decade due to the mishandling of this pandemic.

This, of course, does not even begin to touch on how much support and need Americans had for this rescue plan. The GOP’s failure to participate in anything resembling a meaningful way, and then voting against all of the good help being sent to workers and families, and those who have become unemployed as a result of the last Republican administration’s handling of the global pandemic has led to new stories. Not stories about disenfranchised white rural voters who voted for Donald Trump because something something corruption and big business. These are stories of disenchantment with the business as usual Republican Party, a political entity unable to perform even the most rudimentary, easiest to rationalize politically tasks.


Even Republicans who voted against the bill are pretending that they were fully supportive of the bill and want credit for the heavy lifting and will of the Democratic Party that passed the legislation with zero help from Republicans.


Amazing. This news has all been coupled with a Democratic administration that has very quickly tried to cull together a coordinated and powerful response to our country’s COVID-19 recovery, after a year of denialism, incompetence, and ultimately crony-authoritarianism attempts by the Trump administration. It’s leading to news stories once thought impossible to imagine, like Native American tribes coordinating, under severe deficits in technology, a vaccination program that they have been able to not only vaccinate the very high-risk communities they represent, but others outside of those communities as well. Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan explained American Indian success:


This bill does not solve all of the problems we face by a long shot, but it is arguably the single-most important piece of work Congress and the executive branch have done since the Affordable Care Act passed many moons ago. It is not the only major legislation the Biden administration and the Democratic-led Congress will try to get through this year, and it cannot be the only major legislation that America gets through this year. But this happened and it is great and millions of children and families will see their lives improve greatly as a result of it.

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