Whoopi Goldberg Comes UNHINGED In Horrifying Rant Against Trump – Gets A BRUTAL RESPONSE

Whoopi Goldberg has spent the past year constantly attack President Donald Trump on her ABC talk show “The View,” oftentimes with fake news. On Thursday’s show, however, Whoopi came completely unglued with her latest Trump attack, and it didn’t take long for this to come back to bite her.

Conservative 101 reported that Whoopi just totally lost it on live television, calling Trump a “dictator.” Her cohost Sunny Hostin began the segment with her own rant against Trump, saying, “I do think we need to be very concerned about what he is trying to do. What he’s trying to do is I think, akin to censoring people. When you look at the dictatorships those are the places where you get into trouble for speaking out against the government and you do get put in jail.”

That’s when Whoopi opened her big mouth.

“When you hear our president saying things like I’m going to try to strengthen these defamation laws what he’s really saying is I don’t want people to criticize me and I think we need to be very careful here,” Whoopi said. She went on to bring up the debunked anti-Trump book “Fire and Fury,” which her cohost Meghan McCain has criticized for having many inaccuracies. Whoopi, however, said the book must because it “feels” true.

“Listen, you can question and say, hey, some of this I don’t think is accurate. You take what is accurate and you weigh it. You go, ‘this is way too much stuff that is accurate for you to be doing this.’ This is ridiculous,” Whoopi barked.

Unsurprisingly, her idiot cohost Joy Behar agreed.

“The book rings true because we’ve seen him on television with our own eyes,” Behar said.

Whoopi had another outburst later in the show when she screamed that this is “the first time in my life where a president is actively trying to kill the press off.” Viewers, however, weren’t having any of it, and they quickly let Whoopi know that she has lost her mind.

“‘Kill off’ must mean some new because calling the press fake news and calling them on their bias is not murder. And if the press wants to raise their image the need only start telling the truth and admitting their bias,” one viewer wrote.

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