Univision Host Make Bombshell Revelation About Illegal Immigration

Liberals act like the whole point of America is to import as many low-wage voters as possible. They have more respect for foreigners — especially illegal immigrants — than they do their own citizens. Well, it looks like Trump’s presidency is finally having an effect on slowing down illegal immigration and, naturally, liberals are furious!

Jorge Ramos made a powerful point that illegal immigrants are terrified by the “Trump Effect” and it is making them unwilling to even attempt to sneak into America.

Ramos appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, and spoke about the fact that after Donald J. Trump took office, illegal migration dropped under 40%.

“These individuals, calling their relatives and their companions in Latin America, saying, ‘Don’t come here, this is not the correct minute.’ So I think it is conceivable.”

“Truly nobody needs unlawful movement, not in any case undocumented outsiders. It is extremely unsafe for them. It is smarter to do it legitimately.”

This is exactly what Conservatives across America have been saying for years! Unfortunately, Obama REFUSED to enforce our immigration laws, so immigrants felt free to come at will!

No person needs to come into our country illegally. We have created the proper channels for those that are willing and worthy of moving to the United States and actually contributing in a positive way to our society.

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