Tragic Announcement About Legendary Country Music Star

Country music fans are in mourning this week after the death of star Troy Gentry, who passed away in a helicopter crash last Friday. Now, sad new details about his death have been revealed.

Fox News reported that the pilot of the helicopter reported that the aircraft was experiencing mechanical difficulties before it crashed in New Jersey, killing him and Gentry. Radio communication between emergency responders show that the pilot was getting ready to make an emergency landing and was hovering in the air while waiting for the fire department to arrive.

The helicopter ended up crashing just south of the airport.

The helicopter ride had simply been a “spur of the moment” trip for Gentry who is best known as part of the country music duo Montgomery Gentry.

Gentry had been scheduled to perform with Eddie Montgomery at the Flying W Airport and Resort in Medford Friday evening. The show was cancelled after the crash.

Brian Rayner, senior air safety investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, said that Gentry’s  fatal helicopter ride in a Schweitzer 269 Charlie I aircraft is being preliminary described as “impromptu, spur of the moment.”

“[It was a] ‘Would you like to go for a helicopter ride?’” described Rayner. “Not long after takeoff, the pilot announced over the airport frequency — which was being monitored by a number of people — that he was having difficulty controlling engine RPM. A couple of different responses to that challenge were discussed, and he was performing an auto rotational descent to runway one. The helicopter landed short of the runway in low brush, it was substantially damaged and the occupants were fatally injured.”

Please keep Gentry’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers!