Small Town Dairy Queen Outrages Every Liberal in America — This is AWESOME!

Nothing perturbs a libtard more than when they go slumming through Middle America and find their warped values no represented by the peasantry. It is enough to make them tremble in their skinny jeans and drop their Mocha-Metrosexual Latte.

A sign on a Wisconsin Dairy Queen store reading “This Store is Politically Incorrect” had Oregonian Leftist Ashley Coleman stunned.

Conservative Fighters reports that the sign ‘warned’ that those in the store were known to say ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘God Bless America’ and were thankful for our men and women in the military and in law enforcement.

To Coleman, it might as well have said in Dante-esque fashion “Abandon Hope all ye liberals who enter here.”

The cry-baby libtard took to modern society’s version of the bathroom wall (Facebook) to post, “I find this extremely offensive. Please speak with the franchise owner.”

The publicity over the sign had the effect, much like that of the 2016 election, of surprising liberals with the results.

The Kewaskum community rallied around the Dairy Queen and sales have exploded.

Thanks Ashley! Your ignorance and hatred continues to unite the people behind the empty values you think are so paramount for society.