On 9/11 Leftists at Major University Campus Caught Doing the Unthinkable

Our citadels of higher education and free thought have been debased by the intentional politicization of campuses, classrooms and school literature. Politics is an arena where ideals are fought for in a polarized “us versus them” setting, each side convinced they are in the right. This type of zealotry has no place in our colleges and campuses.

Yet, there it lies, festering like an untreated open sore.

The Left has dominated the zeitgeist on national campuses, its edicts and warped interpretation of reality emanating from Ivory Tower occupants lost in books of socialist musings and crack theories.

On September 11, while our nation was remembering the evil perpetrated by Islamo-fascists, a skinny-jean wearing pencil-necked Libro-fascist was busy ripping up U.S. flags planted by Columbia University College Republicans, Cerno reports.

The be-speckled virgin was videotaped yanking the small flags out of the ground. Author and journalist Mike Cernovich contacted the University dean, James J. Valentini, but the stooge “failed to condemn the removal of the 9/11 memorial flags or provide any comment on the situation.”

University Democrats also refused to condemn the hated-filled act of anti-Americanism.

Cernovich has posted a flyer located on the Columbia campus that shows that the Left is indeed the progenitor of fascism and its accompanying inevitable call for violence.