Malia Obama Comes UNHINGED – Makes Horrifying Announcement

Over the past few years, Malia Obama has become infamous for her hard-partying ways. The 19 year-old former first daughter has been caught on camera doing everything from drinking alcohol to smoking marijuana to making out with random boys.

Now, an exchange Malia had with a Hollywood A-lister has come to light, and it shows just how out of control Malia has become.

Hollywood Life reported that while sitting down for an interview with Barack Obama, late night legend David Letterman recounted the night he met Malia, and what she said to him is downright disturbing coming from a teenager.

“I have a story about Malia that I’ve not told anyone,” Letterman told Obama, who raised his eyebrows to show just how terrified he was about what this story may be. Letterman explained that he ran into the then-first daughter at a state dinner at the White House in 2016.

“I see Malia, and I say, ‘my name is David Letterman and I am very happy to be here at the party, and thank you for inviting me to the party,'” Lettterman said. “Malia’s response? ‘Yeah, you look like a guy who really knows how to party.'”

This shows that even in the White House, Malia was a hard partying girl who had very little parental supervision. Clearly, she was trying to get Letterman to “party” with her even though she was still underage, and she had no fears of doing this inside her parent’s house.

Malia’s hard partying has only escalated since her encounter with Letterman. AOL reported that back in August, Malia was caught on camera at the drug-fueled rager Lollapalooza in Chicago. There, she was seen dancing so wildly that it was obvious to many that she was intoxicated either from alcohol or some kind of drug. Later that same night, a passed-out Malia was spotted being escorted from the venue in a golf cart by her Secret Service detail.

Things only got worse when Malia started school at Harvard in September.

“Ex-White House wild child Malia Obama has turned into a party monster at upscale Harvard University,” Radar Online reports. “ found social media bursting with shocking details of former First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama’s eldest daughter boozing it up instead of hitting the books.”

“Damn, I saw Malia Obama in Cambridge, MA tonight. She was beautiful but drunk and cursing like any other college student,” an eyewitness wrote on social media on September 8, ten days before Malia began school.

“Just casually saw a very lit Malia Obama at Harvard square,” another person wrote online.

This all culminated when a very wobbly Malia was seen making out with a mystery man at a Harvard tailgate game. She also had a cigarette in her hand, which was surprising given just how against smoking Michelle Obama is.

Another disturbing video, however, shows that despite Michelle’s devotion to healthy living, her teenage daughter is actually a seasoned smoker. Malia clearly smokes so much that she is even able to do tricks while she does it!

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