Outrage After Malia Obama Seen Doing THIS at College…. Obamas Panicking

Malia Obama has only been at Harvard University for a few weeks, but something has already happened there that is sure to make her father very angry.

Freedom Daily Manny Lewis has publicly asked Malia to accompany him to a military ball. He told reporters that he felt a connection when he saw her on the street in Cambridge, and he would like to get to know her more. He did not recognize Malia until she was already gone, and he would like to make it up to her.

While most parents would be overjoyed to have their daughter asked out by a U.S. Marine, this is a nightmare for Barack Obama. During his presidency, Obama’s disdain for the U.S. military was painfully obvious, so the last thing he wants is for his daughter to start dating a member of the Marines.

This comes after Malia made headlines when she bashed President Donald Trump in a hateful rant. The Celebrity Insider reported that Malia was recently contacted by a reporter who wanted her to share her thoughts about Trump’s response to the deadly Hurricane Harvey, which wreaked havoc in Texas.

“They all voted for Trump, let them drown,” Malia responded.

Once again, the Obama family is reminding us that they have NO CLASS!