Lying Comey Just Got Devastating News — Lock Him UP!

The pawns in Hillary’s game of criminal chess are beginning to fall. News out this week that Hillary aide and friend Cheryl Mills along with David Kendall are being investigated by a bar association for their role in destroying Hillary emails is now joined with the bad news for former and disgraced FBI Director James Comey, reports Liberty Writers.

During a White House Press conference, spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the following allegation:

“Since Director Comey’s firing, we’ve learned new information about his conduct that only provided further justification for that firing including giving false testimony, leaking privileged information to journalists. He went outside of the chain of command and politicized an investigation into a presidential candidate.”

The news has prompted Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wi) to ask for the transcripts of the meeting between Comey and the Office of the Special Counsel (OSC).

Johnson, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, stated “The Committee has conducted oversight of the FBI’s investigation into Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email system. The information in OSC’s possession could further explain the scope, course, and nature of the FBI’s investigation,”

Damn right! Comey has proven himself a habitual liar, a political hack and an idiot. It is almost guaranteed that he will hang himself via something he spouted without thinking about it first.

I hope Comey likes the food in prison.