JUST IN: Shocking Announcement About Malia Obama’s College Boyfriend

Last week, we reported on the Harvard student who is rumored to be dating Malia Obama after they were caught making out on camera. He has since been identified as a British 19 year-old named Rory Farquharson, and something has just been revealed about him that nobody saw coming.

Daily Mail reported that it was just confirmed that Farquharson follows President Donald Trump on Twitter. If he is indeed a Trump supporter, this would mean that things will likely get awkward when he meets his new girlfriend’s father, as Barack Obama is working overtime to try and destroy Trump at this very moment.

It had previously been speculated that Malia was trying to rebel against her father by dating Farquharson, as Obama has long been rumored to dislike the British due to his Kenyan roots. Obama’s grandfather was part of the nation’s independence movement against the British colonial authorities around the 1950s and some claim that he was tortured by them when he was imprisoned. Rumors of Obama’s disdain for the British mounted when he entered the White House and immediately returned a bust of Winston Churchill that was on loan from Britain.

Malia’s interest in rebelling against her parents was evidenced in the video that leaked of her kissing Farquharson, as she was also seen smoking a cigarette, a practice her mother disdains.

Farquharson comes from a wealthy British family and attended one of England’s most prestigious schools before starting at Harvard this fall. He was chosen as Head of School at Rugby School for the school year 2015-2016, and a source at the school said girls thought of him as “quite a catch.”

“He was very popular,” the insider added.

Rugby is one of the top “public” schools in the United Kingdom, just one notch below the famous Eton and Harrow. It charges more than $15,300 (£11,500) a year for tuition and board and is most famous for giving the world the game of rugby.

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