Joy Behar Slanders Trump With Lies on ‘The View’… REGRETS IT IMMEDIATELY

Liberal comedian Joy Behar hates Donald Trump with a burning passion, and she shows this every day on her talk show “The View” by constantly attacking him. This week, however, she took her attacks on Trump way too far when she compared him to the people behind 9/11, and it immediately got her shut down on live television.

Conservative Tribune reported that Behar actually compared Trump to the barbarians of Tehran, where people can be executed for being gay. She said this while interviewing CNN correspondent Ana Navarro, who was applauding the current round of protests against the Iranian government.

“You cannot stifle freedom for that long,” Navarro said.

That’s when Behar opened her big mouth.

“They told Donald Trump to stay out of it and not to tweet and of course, he did,” she said.

Trump only tweeted to encourage the Iranian demonstrators demanding more freedom from the repressive Islamic Republic regime. During a similar protest in 2009, Barack Hussein Obama showed his cowardice by staying silent.

“To me, right now, we really have to keep our focus on Iran,” Navarro said. “If somehow they’re able to, you know, get themselves free from these chains that bind them, from this autocratic regime, it would be a huge game changer the world over.”

“I think that is true in this country also,” Behar said, returning to Trump. “If we can get away from him.”

“I thought it was the Saudis who were really protecting terrorists, 9/11 came from there. Those terrorists came from Saudi Arabia,” she said. “He’s in bed with Saudi, the Saudis all the time, so I mean, come one.”

It was then that Behar’s cohost Meghan McCain finally had enough.

“I just think having any kind of conversation about moral relativism in a country where we couldn’t be sitting here without our heads covered, where gay people are literally murdered and stoned to death in the same streets and comparing it somehow to what’s going on in the United States of America,” McCain responded. “For me, when we somehow compare the United States to Iran, that’s where I end conversations and where I just leave because I think it’s ridiculous.”

“We’re not comparing it,” Behar fired back.

“You just said we need to rise up against Trump in the same way that the Ayatollah Khomeni is somehow morally relative to Trump, I think that’s crazy,” McCain continued.

“It’s not apples to apples, it’s not equal, but we’re on a slippery slope in this country towards throwing democracy out of the window every single day,” Behar said.

“We have to defend the press and civil rights here,” Navarro jumped in.

“But we don’t stone people in the street for being gay,” McCain reminded them.

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