Illegal “Dreamers” Arrested Blocking Traffic in NYC — What Happened Next Will Make You FURIOUS!

The lawlessness practiced by liberals in government is unfathomable. Whenever some special interest groups rights have been “violated,” the cite the law chapter and verse, but when it comes to actually enforcing the law, well, that’s a different story. No liberal is more guilty of this act than New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Following the announcement by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions that Obama’s illegal Deferred Action on Child Arrivals (DACA) executive order will be annulled in six months, protestors took to the New York streets just outside Trump Tower in Manhattan on September 5.

Gateway Pundit writes “34 were arrested today in multiple waves of civil disobedience actions blocking 5th avenue in front of Trump Tower. The first wave of arrests occurred this morning around 11:30 AM as Sessions announced the Trump Administration would be repealing DACA.”

Of the 34 arrested, twelve turned out to be illegal aliens. Federal law requires that local and state authorities notify the Immigration and Customs Enforcment (ICE) agency when they detain illegals.

Instead, Franken-libtard Mayor Bill De Blasio of NYC released the twelve criminals.

De Blasio joins Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in pulling off publicity stunts of lawlessness in response to Trump’s effort to undo an unconstitutional EO issued in 2012.

President Trump needs to cut off federal aid to NYC and Chicago ASAP as a warning to the other lawbreakers!