Hillary’s Lackey Cheryl Mills Just Got the Worst News of Her Life

Will Cheryl Mills be the Clinton tool to break and surrender the keys to the Hillary Empire? It’s too early to tell, but if she does, she could unload a lot of dirt.

Liberty Writers reports that the former Counselor and Chief of Staff to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now has the Maryland Bar Association investigating her for her shared role in destroying evidence of Hillary’s criminal and perhaps treasonous misuse of a private email server.

Along with Hillary cronies Heather Samuelson, and David E. Kendall, Mills is now in the crosshairs of growing legal pressure to punish Hillary for her criminal ways.

The court-ordering of the investigation came about thanks to NY attorney Ty Clevenger who “filed a complaint against the lawyers, saying they should be investigated for wrongdoing.”

The best way to get the Big Fish is to start nabbing the little, insignificant ones. Clevenger is doing just that and sooner or later someone will talk.

My money is on Mills. She has been associated with the Clinton’s for around thirty years and most likely will want to spill her guts in order to save her behind.