Fox News Host Just OBLITERATED Paul Ryan

In Congress, there’s no bigger sellout to Republican values than Paul Ryan. He vowed to never support Trump, and he’s made good on his promise. Instead, he’s turned his back on the people who elected him to advance that cause of his fat-cat corporate donors. It’s time for that to end now!

For too long, he and other RINO’s like Mitch McConnell have been allowed to waltz to the choreography of the Establishment with little or no protest from the media. There are, however, some redoubts of conservative resistance and when they speak, the truth they deliver can be devastating for the RINOs.

One such incident just occurred and involved Fox Business News host Lou Dobbs excoriating Ryan.

Dobbs began his monologue by noting that the House Speaker is beholden to corporate lobbyists and is an ardent anti-Trumper.

President Trump’s decision to work with Democrats on getting legislation moving has, Dobbs explained, effectively shown Ryan to be useless and obstructionist to a degree only seen among the Left.

Deal-maker Trump bypassed the RINO-led GOP and got a debt ceiling limit deal and Harvey Relief aid done, all the while Ryan called the accomplishment “ridiculous”.

Dobbs told his audience, “Now contrast Ryan’s inane insults, obstinance and subversion of President Trump to the behavior and rhetoric of Democrat leadership of late. They’ve calmed themselves; they have been much more conciliatory in their rhetoric over recent weeks.”

The behavior of Ryan, says Dobbs, has exposed him as a ‘do-nothing’ and poor leader with nothing to show for his two years as Speaker.

RINOs be warned, it may be hunting season for you soon.