Former FBI Agent Breaks Silence on Hillary’s Emails — LOCK HER UP!

Hillary insists on staying on stage as if her presence is being loudly called for by her fans. By doing so, she keeps alive the impetus to have her criminality investigated.

A former FBI agent, James Gagliano, tells Newsweek that Hillary’s criminal use of a private email server to transmit classified messages and documents requires the appointment of a special prosecutor.

The liberal magazine writes, “Gagliano argued recent news that ‘FBI Director James B. Comey had already drafted an exoneration speech some two months before his infamous July 5 public statement’ made clear that Clinton necessitated a special counsel.”

Gagliano also noted that Comey’s statement that former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered him to address the email scandal as a matter and not an investigation (and this occurring after Bill Clinton’s tarmac meeting with Lynch) also raises the pressing need for a counsel-led inquiry.

Hillary is corrupt, politically and morally, that a special counsel would have no problem deducing the same. That is why the Deep State is fighting such a development.