BUSTED: Million Dollar Welfare Ring Taken Down

In June, 7 couples were charged for massively scamming our welfare assistance programs out of $2 million. Following this discovery, 12 more wealthy individuals in New Jersey have been charged with defrauding Medicaid and other government assistance programs by misrepresenting their incomes.

Fox Business Reports:

The defendants have all been charged with theft by deception, misrepresenting their incomes to show levels low enough in order to qualify for public assistance programs including Medicaid, heating benefits and food stamps (SNAP).

“They’ve been given letters instructing them as to the time frame for appearing. All defendants are expected to respond no later than Tuesday of next week,” the Ocean County, New Jersey prosecutor’s office said in a statement to FOX Business.

The couples charged Thursday fraudulently amassed welfare benefits near $400,000, according to an analysis of data from the prosecutor’s office. One couple alone collected nearly $75,000 in unentitled benefits from Medicaid between 2011 and 2013.

Seven additional couples, including a Rabbi and his wife, were charged just last week with defrauding government assistance programs out of at least $2 million.

One of the couples allegedly received Medicaid benefits for multiple years despite their annual income of more than $1 million, the complaint said.

Throughout fiscal year 2016, New Jersey spent $14.5 billion on Medicaid, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Throughout the same time period, the country as a whole spent $553.4 billion on the health assistance program.

In another instance, a couple allegedly made $1.8 million through various business endeavors that they had listed under relatives’ names—yet received housing, food and health benefits. They ultimately defrauded the government out of $178,000. The max allowable gross monthly income for a family of five in the state to be eligible for SNAP assistance is $4,385—which amounts to about $52,600 per year.

The prosecutor’s office said Thursday the investigation is ongoing.

This is absolutely disgusting that these wealthy millionaires took advantage of our governments welfare system and scammed American tax payers out of millions.

We have a broken welfare system that has turned into scam for free loaders and criminals to pocket our hard earned monies with no consequence.

I hope these individuals, and anyone else scamming our system put in place to help those truly in need, are punished with the maximum jail time sentence and forced to pay back every last penny.