BUSTED: Liberal Chicago Mayor’s Bribery Scandal — He’s DONE!

The Democrats have no decency. They are a party filled with corruption and the only way they know how to win is by cheating and using deceptive practices. If there was any sort of honest national media in this country, this would be a headline story for weeks. It’s actually quite amazing that the Chicago Tribune broke this story, but they did and now it looks like Rahm Emanuel might finally be in trouble….

Another day, another big Democrat is found corrupt. Not a surprise really, but infuriating nonetheless.

Zero Hedge has posted an article that reports, “What do you get when you combine the most corrupt city in the United States with a mayor that got his political debut serving in the Clinton White House?  Well, according to data presented by the Chicago Tribune today, it may just all add up to the second most sophisticated ‘pay-to-play’ operation in history…you know, because no one will ever come close to beating the Clintons at their own game.”

Emanuel, who famously outed the Progressive’s habit of using crises to advance their agenda, has now been unmasked as the greedy and egotistical libtard he has always been.

“After reviewing more than 500 contributions made to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel,” writes Zero Hedge, “of at least $5,000 since July 2015, the Tribune reports today that nearly 70% of them came from people who have received, or are seeking, lucrative contracts with City Hall.”

The news comes as the weasel-looking scum bag is in campaign mode for a third run as the head criminal in charge of Chicago’s perennially corrupt politics.

Time for Emanuel to see the inside of an 12 by 12 foot cell.