BUSTED! CBS Caught Red Handed Pulling Sleazy Dirty Trick on Steve Bannon

Those in the fake news nosiness are also perpetrators of creating fake ‘realities’.

GotNews reports that it appears the CBS ’60 Minutes’ crew may have altered Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon’s physical appearance during his first rate interview on September 10.

According to the news site, Bannon appears to have orange colored skin and red lips and eyes as opposed to his pale Irish complexion.

CBS has called the allegation “nonsense”, but photojournalist Peter Duke told GotNews that, “Journalists love to pretend that they do not manipulate images. But part of making images is the process of choosing. Choosing lenses, focal length, f-stop, lighting package, all of these things affect the image quality.”

It is not above the habit of the press to exaggerate the pictures accompanying its stories. Numerous “news agencies” have been caught altering photographs to increase scenes of devastation in Syria, the size of crowds and the demeanor of political figures.