At the end of 2017, White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia hit a major snag when multiple investigators of his were exposed as Democrat operatives with a clear anti-Trump bias. Now, Trump is firing back at them in a big way.

Daily Mail reported that Trump told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday that he would go so far as to say that an FBI agent who was removed from special counsel Mueller’s investigative team is guilty of “treason.” The agent he was referring to is Peter Strzok, who exchanged numerous anti-Trump text messages with his mistress Lisa Page, a FBI lawyer who was also involved in the investigation.

“A man is tweeting to his lover that if [Hillary Clinton] loses, we’ll essentially do the insurance policy. We’ll go to phase two and we’ll get this guy out of office,” Trump said. “This is the FBI we’re talking about – that is treason. That is a treasonous act. What he tweeted to his lover is a treasonous act.”

Strzok was removed from the investigation last summer after the text messages were discovered. Aitan Goelman, a lawyer representing Strzok, says Trump’s allegation is “beyond reckless” and “it should surprise no one that the President has both the facts and the law wrong.”

This comes after Freedom Daily reported that Trump has just ordered military staffers at Guantanamo to prepare for multiple incoming ‘high level’ prisoners in the coming months. Most shocking of all is the fact that some of the prisoners are said to be high level American politicians.

Leaked intel states that Trump is getting ready to transfer a large number of “VIP” American detainees to the notorious prison in preparation for their trials before a US Military Tribunal for corruption and crimes against the state. After what Trump just said about Strzok, perhaps he will be one of the first VIP detainees of Guantanamo!

We find it sickening that the people investigating Trump have such a bias against him. SHARE this story if you think Peter Strzok should be LOCKED UP for TREASON!