BREAKING: Pelosi Has Another “Episode” — Supporters in SHOCK!

The wheels have completely shot off of the Democratic party’s bus. Unable to connect with the American people on any meaningful issue, they now exist as the party of “Not Trump.” In the streets, their masked thugs are shutting down free speech at any opportunity, and in Washington… well, in Washington they’re led by the fearless duo of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

In case you missed it the other day, she did it again. Pelosi held another bizarre press conference on Thursday.  This time she was telling confused reporters that she understands “Wall Street” and that “the currency of the realm” is votes.

As she spoke with reporters, she began in a strange speech going from category to category, not making sense.

“Is this more on the subject than you want to know? Stop me if it is, ok?” Pelosi asked the audience.

“As an appropriator, that’s the life I live. Intelligence and appropriations, you see, that’s my focus,” she stated. “The impression was given to us that we voted to lift the debt ceiling many times, many of us. We were kind of lectured on the importance of lifting the debt ceiling to the markets, and we know that. Yes, we know that. We’ve been lifting the debt ceiling, so if you have the votes.”

“Wall street? It’s wall street,” a confused Pelosi added. “Here the currency of the realm is the vote. You have the votes, no discussion necessary, you don’t have the votes, three months, so that’s how we got to that.”

“But, um, we have to get it passed,” said Nancy. “We have the omnibus bills, all the appropriation bills […] we have community health centers, we have extenders for Medicare, we have many items on the agenda.”

“So that is how that went,” she added.

You can see the whole exchange below…

Wow — just… Wow.  Pelosi has lost her marbles.