BREAKING: Check Out Who Was Just Arrested at the White House

The mainstream media has vilified President Donald Trump to the point where his life is constantly in danger. This was proven once again on Friday, when a terrifying incident occurred at the White House…

WJLA reported that the White House was placed on lockdown on Friday morning and one person was arrested after reports came in of “suspicious activity” along the North fence line of the 18-acre complex.

The Secret Service has closed Pennsylvania Ave. and Lafayette Park, which are near the White House, to pedestrians. Reporters and staffers were told not to leave the White House while the investigation was ongoing, but they have since been given the all-clear that they can exit.

The incident occurred minutes after Trump left the White House on Marine One to begin his trip to Asia.

The Secret Service has not yet offered any details about the suspicious activity or the suspect in custody. Few further details are available at this time.

This comes days after a Michigan man has been arrested and federally charged with threatening to kill Trump. The official criminal complaint states that James Anthony Jackson called U.S. Secret Service offices in Detroit and Chicago to rant against Trump and threaten to kill him, specifically mentioning that the president is white.

Between October 12 and 13, Jackson told the Secret Service office in Chicago, “better watch Donald Trump a**, ya b***h, ya’ll think someone playing with yo dumba****. I am going to blow white brains out the f*** out his mother f***ing head, now b***h, f*** you white mother f***er, ya’ll started this s***, f*** with my God damn phone b***h.”

Jackson later told the Detroit Secret Service office on October 18, “I’m going to blow Trump’s brains out.” During that same call, he asked the Secret Service agents, “Why ya’ll messing with my wires?”

Jackson was arrested in Idaho and is currently in custody in Washington state. If he is convicted, he is facing five years in prison.

This serves as a grim reminder of the kind of danger President Trump is in every day. Please keep Trump and his family in your thoughts and prayers!