BREAKING: 480 Migrants Try To Enter US Illegally – Get Brutal Surprise At Border

JUST IN: 480 migrants got a rude awakening they never saw coming when they tried to cross Mexico’s border with the U.S.

New reports have revealed that 480 migrants who were kidnapped by the Gulf Cartel as they prepared to cross the border were just rescued by Mexican officials. The migrants had paid the organization thousands of dollars in the hopes of being smuggled into Texas, but they were instead held against their will as the cartel extorted their relatives.

Breitbart reported that Mexican authorities initially carried out six raids that led to the rescue of 300 Central American migrants and one Mexican. This operation led to the arrest of 16 Gulf Cartel members linked to the stash houses.

Since then, Tamaulipas state authorities have teamed up with the Mexican Army and Marines to carry out additional operations and have rescued a total of 480 held by the Gulf Cartel in Matamoros. Six more cartel members have also been arrested, bringing the total to 22 individuals tied to the human smuggling and kidnapping scheme.

The migrants told authorities that they they paid between $4,000 to $5,000 to reach various U.S. cities.

The mainstream media has tried to romanticize illegal immigration as much as possible, so this is the side of it that most Americans never see. While Republicans are often vilified for cracking down on illegal immigration, they are partly doing so for the migrants themselves. Crossing the border into the U.S. illegally is incredibly dangerous in numerous ways and should not be attempted by anyone. Harsher immigration laws will also keep migrants like these hostages safer, as they will encourage them to go about entering the U.S. legally.

“The smugglers are the ones that are taking these folks out into these extreme desolate areas, and unfortunately, they’re lying to them. They’re leaving them out there,” said Steven Passement, the acting special operations supervisor for the U.S. Border Patrol’s Tucson, Arizona sector.

“The border’s changed drastically over the years. There’s more technology now, more manpower, more infrastructure, so the chances of being detained or apprehended are greater than ever before,” Passement continued. “We look forward to trying to work with these individuals, these groups, come together because I’ll tell you we have a similar goal. We want to save lives.”

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