ALERT: Dem Controlled Sanctuary City Going Bankrupt — Asks Trump to Do THIS…

Liberals hate consequences. They’ve done everything they can to try and create a world where they can do whatever they want and never face the consequences for their actions. This is especially apparent in the area of fiscal responsibility.

Another metropolitan center run into the ground by liberals is demanding a multi-billion bailout or it says it will declare bankruptcy, writes World News Politics (WNP).

Hartford, Connecticut joins Hillview, Ky; Detroit, Mich.; San Bernardino, Calif.; Stockton, Calif.; Jefferson County, Ala. and Central Falls, R.I. in resorting to bankruptcy instead of applying much needed austerity measures.

Hartford has a $50 million deficit and “owes about $180 million for debt service, health services, pensions and other costs this year. That adds up to half the city’s budget if you don’t count education,” reports WNP.

This is occurring in a state with a $3.5 billion spending gap that has gone unaddressed.

Governor Dannel Malloy received a letter from various city officials and Hartford’s Democratic Mayor Luke Bronin, that said the budgetary situation was “the greatest fiscal crisis in our city’s history.”

Bronin cannot be that worried about the financial woes, because he has been all too eager to wave aside tens of millions of dollars in federal aid in favor of keeping the status of a sanctuary city in defiance of the President’s order to cease such activity.

Governor Mallow and the federal government should let Hartford suffer the consequences of its ignorance and spend-happy ways.